Your Personal Brand: What Does It Say About You?

Recently, I posted an entry on “Googling yourself,” which brings up an interesting phenomenon we have only begun to see during the past few years; the personal brand. Ten years ago, only celebrities had to worry about their personal brand. Today, everyone should be thinking about theirs and unfortunately, unlike the rich and famous, we don’t have people to take care of it for us. We live in a time where  a corporate office job for forty something years is essentially out of the question for the younger generation. With that truth, we will begin “marketing” ourselves for jobs more often at a more aggressive pace. This means keeping an attractive personal brand on and offline is something of vital importance.

Fantastic! You have a resume but remember that’s just the tip of the iceberg my friend. These days you  have to be available everywhere and not just on a piece of paper or word document in some person’s folder. To stay competitive you have to create an online portfolio, resume, blog, social media profile or anything else you find fit that can communicate your unique value best. People want to work with people, not just credentials anymore. Our world is a social one remember?

Here is a guest post that I wrote that goes into the idea in a little more depth. Enjoy.


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