A Penny for Your Thoughts: Pro or Anti Penny?

Though I am no mathematician or economist, I still often wonder the value and nessecity of the American penny. Sure the penny is considered good luck when facing heads up and great for balancing uneven coffee tables but as a society, do we really need it? It costs more to make than its worth and many institutions simply don’t accept them anymore. On the other hand, eliminating the singles digit place, with the exception of the nickel, can have serious consequences for the economy especially when it comes to taxes. Remember how even a few cents can drastically change price points and in a sense a whole economy?

This vlogbrothers video is a fantastic, entertaining, witty, informative, argument against the penny and nickel. Though its a little too much for me to swallow and hop on board with, John Green has an interesting and disorienting perspective I want to share.

So do me a favor and share back!


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2 responses to “A Penny for Your Thoughts: Pro or Anti Penny?”

  1. uponabranch says :

    I think I shall buy one of his cool little t-shirts…AND SEND HIM THE FEE IN PENNIES! Mwahhhhh!!!!!

  2. Dan Fonseca says :

    I am sure he would find that hilarious! Do it and let me know how it goes….He obviously set himself up for that one.

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