Awareness!: The Headphone App Everyone Needs

Back when the iPod first came out, I remember reading a piece written on Pete Townshend of The Who. The partially deaf rock god had warned against the excessive use and volume of the iPod headphones, saying it would lead to a generation of youthful, hearing impaired, individuals. Though I am often guilty of blasting my favorite song on my way to work, I never really paid much attention to the repercussions. Truthfully, the iPod headphones aren’t the best quality. They let in a lot of outside noise which requires you to pump up the volume even more. When I saw this video, I immediately thought of Pete’s words. This application should come standard in any MP3 player. Our hearing ability is something we can’t afford to compromise! As an interesting concept at the very least, The Awareness! application lets you plug yourself back into your world. Can anyone say “teenage wasteland” again?



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