Synapses is on All My Faves!

I am happy to let you all know that Synapses was picked as one of the Weekly Blogs on All My Faves! The Weekly Blogs is a roundup of ten hand-picked blogs that the folks at All My Faves felt their audience would appreciate the most. The Weekly Blog that receives the most clicks throughout the week will win the prime location of the Weekly Faves one week later on the homepage. So go check it out for yourself and click away!

Here’s a little on All My Faves and their personalized homepage option:

” Say goodbye to never-ending favorites lists; say hello to cut to the chase, innovative visual bookmarking tool. Create your very own personalized homepage. This way you can manage and easily access all your favorite bookmarks on one visual page”

On the go? Keep your bookmarks close and accessible from any computer, iPhone or touch screen devices.”

Here’s to another milestone! Thanks for the love!



4 responses to “Synapses is on All My Faves!”

  1. Papi says :

    This is very cool. Congratulations. Keep up the good work

  2. babe says :

    CONGRATS! super proud of you

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