GOOD Inventions: Anti-Noise

Noise pollution is something that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Silence, at times, can be exactly what the doctored ordered. Constant noise can often compromise one’s health in ways that usually don’t go detected. In another great GOOD invention video, this time featuring  Tomlinson Holman. Tomlinson, the guy who created the THX standard for sound systems (THX actually stands for Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment), toys with the idea of noise canceling in 3D. Think noise cancelation headphones but for a surround sound home theatre system. Pretty cool huh? Living in NYC myself, this would definitely be something city apartments could use, especially with the city migration trend we are seeing in the younger generations.; the re-invention of the American Dream/home ownership topic is for another post. :) Anyways, enjoy!


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2 responses to “GOOD Inventions: Anti-Noise”

  1. Angela says :

    Living in the city is stressful enough! I need these now lol! Loving the idea tough

    • Dan Fonseca says :

      Angela, you’re telling me! I never really knew how horrible noise pollution was till I spent serious time using the NYC subway system. Those passing express trains can really do some damage! Best of luck to you.

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