Download Your Entire Facebook History: I Sure Did

Just check out your account setting, the option is right there.


During a recent conference, Facebook announced its latest move. Users now have the ability to download their entire Facebook history in a single zip file. Continuing to move towards a more “open” network, Facebook lets users download all their Facebook activity since 2006.

So why would one even need to have a hard copy of their activity? For one, it’s simply cool to own and observe all the hours that have gone into a single website. Spending afternoons on the site for years, this could easily replace a diary and come out with more detail and insight into your past than you could probably remember! This is also considerably easier to browse than having to click through hundreds of pages of wall posts, you would simply open up your extensive document and have a look. I am sure people could come up with creative ways of organizing this information too. I am excited to see what happens!

However, a scary thought comes to mind… Imagine a world where a job interview requires your full Facebook history printed out or downloaded to a PDF file? What do you have to hide? History has a funny way of repeating itself…just saying.

Who knows…It’s an interesting development at the very least. Looking at my history now, who knew I quoted R. Kelly so much?



2 responses to “Download Your Entire Facebook History: I Sure Did”

  1. Papi says :

    It will be interesting to see how this “history” will be utilized by the creator , Facebook, and whomever they may ultimately sell it to. I suspect applications will be developed to help you sort through your own stuff. Also, if an employer may want to see it in the future, why not a prospective significant other, their parent’s, social/professional organizations, college’s, etc, etc. In any event, the obvious still needs to be stated “be thoughtful about what you put out on the internet”.

    • Dan Fonseca says :

      Wow I never thought about the emotional relationship side of it. How can you prove yourself to be worthy for someone’s hand? Prove it with a history of interactions, comments, and pictures to back it up! Need a little cash? Sell your history online to advertisers and researchers. Hmm these thoughts are a little extreme but I am sure things will land somewhere between two extreme; it always does. Image applying to college and submitting your social media history? Interesting thought! Thank you.

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