Facebook: The Web Browser?

Could Facebook’s “Open Graph” be the first step towards a personalized web experience for all?

Recently Google, Twitter, and Facebook, among others, have been putting a lot of effort into adding a “social layer” to the web experience. With ideas like Facebook’s “Open Graph” and Google’s “multiple accounts” option, it is clear to see that social search is quickly gaining influence over traditional search. Some have begun to ask, what is stopping Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, from creating their very own web browser?

Hopefully you have noticed the option to “sign in” to your favorite website through the social media network of your choice. So far Google has been winning that war with Facebook trailing and Twitter not too far behind. The idea behind a social media web browser would be the connivence of never having to sign in to all these sites again. Sign in once at the start and surf the web under your social media account, avoiding the multiple log ins. Commenting and sharing would be intuitive, the same way it already is with Facebook and your wall posts. With social recommendations soon being the only way to comb through the content overload, your social media connections will be more important than ever, especially with the content you share and browse.

That being said, with many of us having numerous social media profiles, each with their own personality, audience, and content, why limit yourself to a single network and browser? Could we suggest taking it a step further and surf the web using numerous browsers at once? Each system conversing with each other and sharing data on the sites we visit and the content post? Maybe one mega social media web browser with multiple accounts that one could sign on to, the same way but in a smaller sense that Google allows now, could arise and solve our online identity issues? Seems far fetched but the idea isn’t that crazy.

All we know is that social search will take over and your social network connections will drive your content exploration. That being said maybe it’s time you hung with cooler, smarter kids huh?


P.S. Need another perspective, I sure hope so! Here is another great article with similar thoughts.

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