Finding Happiness Though Vulnerability: Brene Brown & TED

I have always praised for its amazing work but the video I saw today left me in true awe. This could very well be my absolute favorite talk and that is saying something rather monumental in my case. Sure many TED talks have their own incredible insight but something about this talk encompassed and simultaneously surpassed all prior. The idea that without vulnerability, these fantastic talks, maybe even TED itself, wouldn’t have come into existence. Isn’t that an interesting thought? It’s the courage one must have to proudly be vulnerable in order to create greatness and true happiness from within. It’s an intimidating thought but a thought worth delving into; isn’t that the point after all? As my father often says, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

So once again, thank you Brene Brown and for truly inspiring not only me but many, many more. I highly encourage you to put aside twenty uninterrupted minutes of your busy day to view this, you won’t regret it!

Here’s to 2011!


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2 responses to “Finding Happiness Though Vulnerability: Brene Brown & TED”

  1. Brene Brown says :

    Thank you so much. It’s an honor!

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