Let’s Start A Learning Revolution

Let’s Start A Learning Revolution

Let’s face it, the traditional, 20th century, norms of higher education that helped bring our country to where it is today simply don’t fit like they used to. New economic and social forces are challenging the path we are all accustomed to and something needs to change if we want to stay competitive in this connected, global world.

Not to beat a dead horse, but things changed after the recession and are continuing to do so. College education is becoming more unaffordable and student debt is crippling the youth. Sooner or later something will give and I often ask myself what will that be? When I see things like this, it keeps me optimistic. I love what Skillshare and The Khan Academy are doing and, with them leading the way, the new players in education are starting to show their face.

I am not sure how, but something must and will be done. We just have to trust in our resourcefulness. I’d like to know that I’m not alone when I think this.


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5 responses to “Let’s Start A Learning Revolution”

  1. Papi says :

    Excellent post. This is the future. Let’s enable it as fast as possible. Getting a degree is placing an inordinate amount of financial and emotional stress on those who pay the bill. It is an unsustainable model. Corporate America needs to embrace alternate forms of education and learning.

    • Dan Fonseca says :

      I think moving towards an experience oriented merit system will actually be more effective. Though in the past, where you graduated from said a lot about your character, these days are beginning to challenge that. We will still have to educate the youth but the vehicle to do so may have to change. The combination of the Skillshare ideology with the metrics and democratization of The Kahn Academy are just two forces that I think could shape the future of education. We simply can not sit back and wait, we must join them in their actions.

  2. Daniel Abram says :

    There’s a bubble forming in higher education:


    Hey I found out your blog from your sister. I write about similar stuff and I would love if we could meet sometime!


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