Guest Post: The Simple Guide to Blogging

Today I have had the pleasure of guest posting on Be Your Brilliance. Over the past few weeks, Dewi, the blog’s author, and I have gotten to know each other. With a few quick emails back and forth we have been able to arrange a few guest posts. My post today is a quick one on the¬†beginning steps to blogging. Check it out and leave a little love for Dewi and Be Your Brilliance. Read it all here.


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3 responses to “Guest Post: The Simple Guide to Blogging”

  1. alohadev says :

    Aloha Dan, Thanks so much for sharing your mana’o (thoughts) on getting started with blogging with my readers. I love the way you described how easy it can be and why in the world one would want to start one in the first place! Blessings, Dewi

    • Dan Fonseca says :

      My pleasure Dewi!

      All it takes is a little initiative and the time to take the first step. After that, things roll into place! If I can be some sort of guide along the process then my part is done.

      Thanks for the opportunity,


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