The Anxiety Of Choice

The Anxiety Of Choice

We often pride ourselves with the ability of choice. The fact that we have so many options, so many potential choices, is a testament to our freedom. We exercise freedom through choices. The choice towards what to wear, what to eat, what to say, and what to do reflects on our individual freedom. Often times the mere rejection of personal choice can be seen as deviant. Don’t you want to exercise you right? Is it not your duty in some way? The truth is, and we have often heard it, that too many options can cripple decision. The problem is that freedom and individuality are so intertwined that your choices often significantly impact your identity. Every action, every choice, and every decision to pick one over the other, forever changes your being. When you think of them together, opportunity cost and the person you could have been can drive you wild. How would have things been different if I had only chosen this instead of that? The constant opportunity cost analysis on choice can really do a number on your self examination. With each choice we make are we forfeiting an alternative path of identity.

When too much choice is crippling is it still freedom? Let’s take ourselves out of the theoretical model and simply reject the choice of choice. Apart from it being deviant in our democratic eyes, what happens? Would it be an active or passive exercise? How active must we be with our choices? Too little reflection will be seen as a rejection of our “right” while too much deliberation will be crippling, essentially defeating the purpose of choice altogether. In a Locke mindset, are we giving up some degree of choice in order to have choice altogether?

How do you even choose your interpretation of this text? Do you forfeit the option? Could you care less? How does the choice of uploading this post change Synapses’ identity? In the end, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over this argument too much. I don’t, I’d go crazy.


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2 responses to “The Anxiety Of Choice”

  1. jack says :

    Wow there’s a lot mental masturbation as I would call it going on in this article.

    You do however put up some good questions. Choice is indeed freedom, it’s better to have more options than not in my opinion. Because we then have the choice to carve out the identity we wish for ourselves then letting something called faith control us.

    • Dan Fonseca says :

      Ha! That’s one way to put it. Identity is a huge component to the argument, what I am afraid of is that too much choice will lead to ultimately no choice. What does that mean for identity? Thanks for weighing in Jack!

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