Creating Good Conflict

“When you fail to orchestrate conflict, you’re creating a culture of conflict avoidance”

My professor recently said that and it stuck me as quite insightful. As thinkers we love ideas. We treat them as currency. Great ideas come from great perspectives coming together, complimenting each other, and solving a common problem. These ideas come from the stretching of our imagination, the shift in our perspective, and the disorientation of our values. When we get too comfortable, it’s a sign that we must change. We must go out and actively search for good conflict. We must hunt for that challenge and engage in debates that give us the opportunity to defend our beliefs. Good conflict forces you to constantly adapt, be resilient, and flexible, when the odds are stacked against you.

“Good conflict” is hard to come by and when you’re in a group of people, working together, it is often vital to the group’s success. Though not all “good conflict” is comfortable, we must be willing to get messy if we want new and interesting ideas. Failing to orchestrate proper conflict is cancerous to innovation. When you’re in a group that fails to create the norm of conflict, you’re essentially creating a culture of conflict avoidance. Once conflict is deemed deviant, members of the group will do everything they can to avoid it; essentially running in the opposite direction of innovation and progress. Note that this normalcy of deviance is the beginning of the end for creativity, your appetite for ideas has been eternally satisfied.

Let’s pray we stay hungry.


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