Our First Kiva Micro Credit Loan


I am proud to announce Synapses’ first ever Kiva micro credit loan.

After our TED viewing dinner party, the money donated has been loaned to Adjimon Angèle of Benin to help pay for charcoal, hand crafted brooms, cereals, and oils for her street vending business. She has already successfully paid back four previous loans so you can see the positive impact these micro credit loans are having for her business, quality of life, and surrounding economy. Once her loan is paid off, our money will be put back into the Kiva system where we will then pick another recipient from a third world country to help. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Can’t thank you guys enough for coming out, having a great discussion, supporting our own local business, and one abroad in a third world country. Wasn’t too hard to do either huh?

Looking forward to more events in the future and updates.


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