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What are you doing with your life? – An art installation in Ridgewood, New Jersey

A couple of weeks ago Andres FonsecaBrendon Bigley, and I did an art installation in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Take a moment and check out what we did with chairs from Goodwill. Better yet, check out what complete strangers did with them and disposable cameras we left. We were surprised, we hope you are as well.

Lost! music video (Coldplay cover) performed by Dan & Andres Fonseca

Did a cover of Coldplay’s “Lost!” with my brother and a few kids I used to babysit.

(Live cover) George Gershwin’s Summertime shot entirely with an iPhone 4S


This video cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime” was shot using an iPhone 4S and Nexvio’s 8mm app during a recent family outing.


Everlasting Light (The Black Keys cover) – LIVE iPhone 4S music video shot with 8mm app

Family takes us as we are, often broken and insecure, and loves us unconditionally. To them we are perfect. Friends come and go over the course of a lifetime but family never fades. There’s no stronger bond.

*This video cover of The Black Keys’ “Everlasting Light” was shot using my brother’s iPhone 4S and Nexvio’s 8mm app during a family party at my grandparents’ home last weekend. 

Live Video: Run, Far Away

Here’s an original song that my brother and I recorded the other day. Haven’t done something like this in a while so I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out. Would love to know your thoughts. Enjoy :)


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