Mission Statement

Some say the best way to learn is through the process of disorientation. The act of finding your center after your world gets turned upside down; the creation of a new perspective. It’s been said that the experiential learning process of finding truths of your own is far more valuable and fulfilling than simply being told what they are. Many say truth is relative, some even say happiness is too, but the goal is not to take someone’s word for it. The goal is to find out if they are true for yourself.

Every time we connect the dots and learn something new, a chemical reaction takes place in our brains. This reaction is called a “synapse.” Simply put, these reactions are one of the many reasons why individuals are so interesting and unique to begin with. It’s what makes us smart and capable of painting that bigger picture; the more reactions, the larger and more interesting the illustration.

We are all products of every previous moment we have experienced in our lives, each second changing us just a little; every synapse forever altering our being. The person you were a second ago is not the same person you are now.

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